Costa de llevant Mallorca

Our Grading System

So that you know what to expect on one of our walks, we use the following simple system to grade the difficulty level of our walks. Those of you that ski will be familiar with the colour coding!

We have graded our walks taking the following into consideration:

  • 1. the steepness of the slopes you will encounter
  • 2. the length of the walk in walking time, excluding any stops you may wish to make
  • 3. the terrain under foot – boulders, loose scree, stony paths…
  • 4. the level of energy and stamina that is required
  • 5. any other challenges such as scrambling up hills, traversing along cliff tops…




but please note that good walks in Mallorca are rarely flat! The route may be steep in places, with some hard tricky surfaces underfoot. These are generally not very long walks e.g. not more than 3+ hours.




with some steep hills and difficult walking surfaces and possibly other challenges. Walking times generally 4+ hours.




with steep climbs and difficult terrain. Walking times usually 5+ hours - some are not so long but we have given them this grade because their difficulty makes up for shorter distances or certain specific passages! You need to be fit and to have some walking experience for these walks.




these are the longest and most difficult walks, and should only be attempted by those who are fit, energetic and experienced walkers.