Walking Mallorca (Majorca)

Sina Flessel Nueremberg, Germany, April 2010

In April 2010 I went on a hiking trip with Mallorca Hiking and it was just great!  The perfect trip and exactly what I had been hoping for. I had booked my flight a coupIe of weeks before and didn’t really know anything about the island. I only knew that I wanted to explore it a little by hiking through its mountains. It was then, that I stumbled over www.mallorcahiking.com.

Reading through the group hikes they were offering, I realized that my flight details didn’t really match their dates and that I would be in need of some individual tour. So I contacted them and without any delay Fiona got back to me and suggested some really good hiking options. The organizing on their part was flawless, everything was perfect from airport pick-up to a list of things to bring along, etc. The hike itself was marvellous and that was not just because of Mallorca’s fantastic landscape, but particularly thanks to my guide Jainie. She was so much fun, always helpful and knowledgeable about everything, sharing with great joy her knowledge about the island’s local history, vegetation etc; Also she was so enthusiastic about Mallorca herself, that there was simply no way of not being infected by her enthusiasm.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful time in Mallorca!