Walking Mallorca (Majorca)

Member commitments to each other

This is a members' club and the success of it will largely depend on its members, so all members please:

- Sign up for a walk in good time – and latest by 5pm on the Thursday evening before the weekend of a scheduled walk. This will give MH enough time to make the necessary arrangements for member transport, logistics and restaurant or other bookings;

- If you sign up for a walk, please show up for it – if you don’t, it may affect your fellow members’ enjoyment of the day, transport arrangements etc.

- If you've signed up and really need to cancel, please do so in good time - if you don't you are preventing someone else from enjoying the day instead of you! We allow a maximum group size of 22 people on each walk, and invariably we have a list of people waiting for a cancellation so if you simply don't turn up, or cancel at the very last minute they miss out.

- If you’re signed up for a walk, and a last minute emergency etc prevents you from attending, please call Fiona at MH on 679 808 905 asap – if you don’t, other members will be waiting for you and wasting their precious weekend and hiking time;

- Be patient and supportive of members with less walking experience than you!