Walking Mallorca (Majorca)

Communication within the MHC

Most club communications will be via Facebook so it is important that all club members become fans of the Mallorca Hiking Facebook page by clicking the "like" button.

For the benefit of all members, and to ensure the success of the club as a whole, we ask every member:

1. To be an active member of the group, for example:

    - after each walk, post your comments and feedback on the Mallorca Hiking Facebook page

    - post your photos and videos on to the Mallorca Hiking Facebook page

    - participate in Facebook conversations and other activities on the page

    - tell us your ideas and what you’d like us to include in the club’s annual schedule of walks, e.g. is there a particular part of the island you’d like to discover? Is there a particular walk you’d like to try…?

2. To help spread the word about the MHC, tell your friends, bring your friends along, suggest to your friends on FB that they become a fan (“like”) the MH FB page and anything else that you can think of…

We will try and accommodate members who do not want to participate on Facebook by email.