Walking Mallorca (Majorca)

Art & Architecture

Palma - vibrant, sophisticated, chic and rich in culture...

Too many people who visit Mallorca by-pass Palma, either heading for the beach or the mountains. And yet we believe this beautiful city is the island's trump card - after all how many Mediterranean islands can also boast a capital city as remarkable as this? It has everything - a stunning sea-side position, a wealth of culture: art, architecture, a diverse and dramatic history, and a long list of colorful characters that have helped make it what it is today.

Just mention the subject, and our guide Peter's eyes light up and his pulse quickens... his art & architecture walking tours around the historic parts of Palma will have you spellbound for hours. An artist himself, he has an enduring passion for the subject as well as a wealth of knowledge to share.

We believe that no visit to Mallorca is complete without an in-depth tour of this fabulous city!