Walking Mallorca (Majorca)

Tailor made holidays

When it comes to holidays and to walking, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we'll organize your holiday just the way you want it and when you want it. We can offer you an itinerary, which incorporates any combination of the walks and activities you'll see on this site. We'll advise you about accommodation and we'll also book it for you if you'd like us to. Just tell us what you like and we'll tell you what your options are.

With our tailor-made holidays you get to choose:

  • - How long you want to stay - a long weekend, a week or a couple of weeks
  • - Where you want to stay
 on the island
  • - Your hotel (and we have fabulous ones to choose from - see some of our favourites!)
  • - Who and how many people there are in your group
  • - How many, and what sort of walks you want to do 
- you set the pace!
  • - What to do on days when you don’t want to walk - see some of our suggestions for other activities

To give you some idea of the sort of walking holiday we can organize for you, we've put together a list of example itineraries to tempt you... but please remember these are simply our suggestions. We can combine any of the walks, themes and activities you'll find on this site to create a perfect holiday for you and your party - see Tailor made holidays for more detail.

We like to share and include in our itineraries, as many of the local seasonal activities on the island as possible, so for example, we can offer an insight into the olive harvest season, local fiestas, food... See our calendar and Special interest holidays below for details.

What sort of walking do you want to do?

To find your perfect walk ...
choose a grade of walk (easy, difficult….), or an ideal length of walk (e.g. 3.5 hours walking time) and then read our walk descriptions. These are some of our favourites, and they will give you an idea of the kind of walks the island has to offer – there are many more to choose from.

Where would you like to stay?

There are many different “faces” of Mallorca – north, south, east and west each have a very different “feel” to them.

Take a look at some of our favourite hotels. Each place has been carefully hand-picked – they are generally small, intimate and charming, and all are special.

You can choose from self-catering apartments, beautiful boutique hotels, or go for the rugged remoteness of our mountain refuges, depending on the size of your party, your preferences and your budget.

What else would you like to do to make your holiday really special?

Your walking holiday can include other activities as well, such as a boat trip, a balloon ride, a historical tour of Palma, an aerial sightseeing tour by helicopter, shopping, cooking and much, much more…. For ideas about other activities, take a look at our other activities page.

Additionally, if you have a particular interest in, for example:

  • - Gourmet food & wines
  • - Wild flowers
  • - History
  • - Geology

We can design your holiday itinerary accordingly.

But remember these lists are not exhaustive – just tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll organize it for you!

We’re always here to help and advise ...

 Just tell us what you want and we’ll suggest an itinerary to match…